Volume Waste Reduction with Bonus Reclaimed Material

Location: Perth WA
Material Type: Used Mattresses

The Problem:

The client needed a solution to stockpiles of used mattresses that had been collected from a local government area they were becoming both a health and safety risk. Mattresses are a notoriously difficult waste to deal with and landfill is a poor option because they contain high value spring steel and highly calorific textile material along with been extremely difficult to compact. Many mattresses are stripped by hand which is very labour intensive and this process is becoming outlawed in many countries due to health and safety concerns. Shredders traditionally struggle due to difficulty shredding spring steel wrapping around the shafts.

The Solution:

The Terex Ecotec TDS820 Slow Speed Shredder is uniquely equipped to process mattresses it features a high torque, independently driven dual shaft system with intelligent overload protection system with ease of program configuration if fitted with the optional over-band magnet it will separate the steel components.

Key Outcomes: The TDS820 shredder can process at a rate of 90 mattresses per hour providing a volume reduction of 60% per mattress, around 33% of each mattress volume is high value spring steel.

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